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Transition with Heart purpose going above and beyond!


After talking with Chris you will soon feel the passion and determination going on. Chris is a top negotiator with a natural warmth and ability.

Having a transition into Sales seems to be easy enough for Chris as being in the Industry for coming up 20 years plus over the past 10 Years or more she has been involved with extensive training. Having done the “complete salesman course is something Chris will implement into her sales life but her biggest claim to fame thus far in her working career is personally meeting many top world motivational speakers whilst working at AREC for John McGrath as a notetaker.

This has all resulted in her giving sales a crack as she says! Whilst continuing to manage a small portfolio of rental properties.

“This all makes sense as Chris’s greatest passion is working with people”.

How about you meet Chris and decide for yourself by calling 0407 220 853.

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